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Super aloe gel.

Super Aloe gel is a superb, natural addition toyour daily skincare regime.Skin Hydration and elasticity is improved . Oil-free  it is vest used under a moisturizers where it does its ob of helping to boost your skins natural collagen production.

Anatural skincare product i contains nutrient-rich aloe which benefits all skin types , particularly damaged and problem skin as it helps to repair the skin 8 times faster than mother nature.

The anit oxidants in Super Aloe Gel helps to slow signs of aging such asfine lines and wrinkles.Aloe helps to improve penetration in the skin so that thatnutrients and moisturizers can be absorbed easily.Alight clear gel ,it disappears into youe skin with no greasy residue.

A natural skincare product Paraben-free 

Use all over face and bodyfor repairing cuts ,insect bites , acne, to enhance skincomplexion.

Direction: Apply daily 2 times a day to your skin for best results after cleansing your skin.

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